FOCUS Wines are inspired by owner Joe Carusos' two daughters who, like Joe, were born with congenital cataracts.  Every day, they struggle to maintain their vision.  Joe's girls, along with many other children, with vision-threatening medical issues, have been helped by several premiere Children’s Hospitals and Ophthalmologic Centers in the Philadelphia area and beyond.  The doctors at these institutions and their teams have provided numerous procedures, therapies, and support that have allowed so many to live a life with sight.

That is why the FOCUS Wine Foundation is committed to supporting these hospitals and other like minded organizations through the continuous donations from our FOCUS Wine Brand.  When you give to a Children’s Hospital, you give children from around the world their chance to experience life the way all kids should: with health, joy, and hope. 

We toast you for helping!


FocusWine Foundation

You may donate directly to C.H.O.P. through the FOCUS Foundation with the link above! THANK YOU!  We toast you for helping!

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