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Zion Cabernet Sauvignon
Grapes for our Cabernet Sauvignon were selected among the best coastal growing regions in California's northern coast and San Joaquin region.  In these areas, warm sunny days provide optimum grape ripening while the Pacific Coast fog creates cool nights that maintain the acidity of the grapes resulting in the balanced fruit of a full-bodied Cab.  

​​The Story Behind Zion Cabernet
Zion is a remarkable young man who received the first pediatric bi-lateral hand transplant EVER!  As Parker was recovering from her most recent eye surgery, Zion was undergoing this ground-breaking operation in the rooms nearby.   Parker expressed her pain to her doctor and her father and simply asked the age-old question "Why me?"  Without hesitation, her doctor at C.H.O.P. explained to that there was a little boy from Maryland named Zion who had just received new hands. When asked, "What will you do first when you have your new hands,"  Zion simply replied "I want to just hug my sister."  Parker understood the depth of Zion's story and his loving spirit and from that point forward, her inner strength has allowed Parker to be the brave young girl she is today.  

Watch the video about Zion's story here!

Parker Pinot Noir
The wine is crafted from north coast and central coast fruit.  The source  vineyards are planted to a combination of Dijon and Pommard clones.  The wine is well extracted with soft tannins and opulent flavors of red cherries and a slight hint of earth and soft oak.

The Story Behind 

Parker Pinot Noir

Parker Caruso was born in 2009 with congenital cataracts just like her father, Joe.  She also developed glaucoma which is a true threat to her lifetime of vision.  She has undergone 15 eye surgeries starting at the age of 2 weeks old to the most recent in July of 2015. She is the kindest, most loving young lady who loves to share her creativity, spunk, and love of music with all whom she meets. The most recent influence on Parker just happens to be Zion, with whom she was in recovery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Read more about Zion on this page to the right!

Parker spends much of her time thinking about how she can help other children who may be scared like she was or may be learning how to deal with a challenge in their lives.  As soon as you meet Miss Parker, you will see the sincere appreciation she has for all the love and support she has experienced through C.H.O.P and the FOCUS Foundation.  ​


Here at FOCUS Wines, we support the ongoing efforts of Premier Children's hospitals.  That’s why a portion of the proceeds from FOCUS Wines goes to these institutions.  When you give to a Children’s Hospital, you give children from around the world their chance to experience life the way all kids should:

with HEALTH, JOY, & HOPE - Joe Caruso, owner FOCUS Wines

Shea Chardonnay
Our winemaker selected grapes from vineyards across California’s best growing regions, primarily from the coolest growing areas of the Sacramento River Delta and San Joaquin Valley, as well as vineyards in the North and Central Coasts.   Grapes harvested from a variety of vineyards and areas each provide unique flavor components, creating a balanced, complex and harmonious wine.


The Story Behind Shea Chardonnay

Shea Caruso was born in 2010 and was the first case of congenital cataracts to be seen in an ultrasound.  Shea's procedures to correct and manage her vision were a bit more progressive than Parker's.  This is truly a reflection of the strategies of the doctor for whom she was named, Dr. Scheie of the Scheie Institute.  Dr. Scheie was Joe Caruso's eye surgeon when he was a child and he is now a legacy to which all the eye surgeons and ophthalmologists at C.H.O.P. honor in their practices.  

Shea is full of life and laughter and is ready to learn something new every day. A budding gymnast and dancer, Shea can often be found tumbling down the beach near her home.  Shea has a welcoming heart and is truly appreciative of all the camaraderie that she has found with her sister through C.H.O.P. and the FOCUS Foundation.